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10 Things You Must Do To Become Successful

Everyone desires to be successful. Yes! But not everyone becomes successful.

What is Success

Success is simply an outcome or result of achieving the desired goal. It is an accomplishment of laid down objectives and goals. 

Achieving success is not an impossible task. I have been successful in different areas of my life and I am still in the process of attaining success in other areas of my life. 

These steps I am willing to share with you are what I practiced and I am still practicing because, to be honest, success is addictive. The more you succeed the more you set greater goals and seek to succeed. Achieving them too.

So here are the things you must do each day if you desire to be successful. These are ten practical steps to becoming successful.


Of course, you have this big goal you want to achieve to be successful. But this goal cannot be achieved at once. It will seem impossible to achieve it at first.

This is what successful people understand and that is why they break down their big goals into daily little goals. It is easier this way because, at the end of the whole process, you will realize that you have achieved your big goal 

Rome wasn’t built in a day but eventually, Rome was built. Attaining success is a daily process. You must learn to break that big chunk of goals you desire to achieve into little daily goals.


To be successful, you do not set goals to achieve each day and not be determined to achieve them. Unless you do not have a passion to achieve that big goal. Where there is no passion, there can be no determination.

Whatever goal you have set to achieve, endeavor to know if you are truly passionate about it. If you are not passionate about it, you won’t be determined to achieve it and it will be just a mere wish and a total waste of time.

Set daily goals and each day, be determined to achieve them. If you must become successful, then you must have to be intentional about it.


Remind yourself each day of how successful you want to be. Be optimistic. The more you speak positively or think positively, the more your mind accepts that you truly desire to be successful and believe that you will be successful. 

You first have to believe in yourself for others to believe in you. Give no room for negativity. It will drain you of all your ambition to be successful. 

Envision your success and be optimistic about it.


Spend time each day studying and researching the area you want to succeed in. Read good books, watch videos, and read articles at all costs to get informed. Ignorance is expensive. It will cost you your success! 

If you desire to be successful academically, financially, career-wise, or in whatsoever form of success you desire, read books and articles related to it, watch videos in your area of desired success, and attend seminars. Just gain information in whatever form.

These authors/writers/speakers know something about your niche that you do not know that has helped them to be successful in that area. Learn from their experiences so that you won’t fail where they failed. Failure is a time-waster. Learn how to avoid failure by getting informed. It will put you on a faster lane to becoming successful. Do this as a daily practice.


Each day, take practical steps to achieve your daily 

goals. The time spent doing this is your productive time. Do not leave your goals on your to-do list alone. Do the things necessary to achieve them. Use this time to develop yourself and the necessary skills you need to be successful.


Discipline yourself each day to do those things that will enable you to achieve success and also cut away those habits that will hinder you from being successful. 

Spend less time on leisure activities like social media, games, hanging out with friends, and the likes. I am not condemning these activities. These help you to relax from strenuous activities. But learn to set your priorities right. Do those things but do not spend your whole time doing them. 


Attitude is the total of your behavior, action, and the way you conduct yourself. Make a deliberate effort each day to develop a positive attitude.

Learn how to speak politely, interact, dress, eat and behave appropriately. Adopt the right etiquette and spend each day developing yourself.

This may seem out of place but this practice will make successful people interested in you and be willing to help you in your journey to be successful.


Find people in your niche and interact with them. You can do this by physical interaction through physical meetings, conferences, seminars, or virtually which can be through online meetings, watching videos, interacting on different social media platforms, and the likes.

Also, get a reliable Mentor who is willing to teach you personally and guide you. Be submissive to their training because your mentor has more experience in that niche than you do.

Keep in touch with like minds. Do this daily to keep yourself motivated to succeed.


At the end of each day, evaluate the progress you have made during the day. This will help keep you in check.

Appreciate yourself when you have done well and scold yourself when you didn’t. To be successful is a personal process. Learn to be your judge and try to always meet your daily goals.

10. PRAY.

This is the most important of all the things you need to do each day to be successful. Trust me, this step is a catalyst that helps 

hasten the whole process. Pray each day. God wants you to succeed and you can’t achieve that all by yourself. You need to acknowledge your limitations and always commit your goals to him. He will lead you into the success you envision.

Success is achievable. Believe and work towards it. If you follow these steps meticulously, you will achieve success in whatever area of life you desire.

To be successful is a process. Enjoy the process!



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