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2022 Scholarships for Nigerians to Study In Turkey by ANSE

ANSE Scholarship: Nigerians abroad have indeed proven they have their home country at heart. The 2022 Scholarships for Nigerians to Study In Turkey by ANSE is an initiative of the Association of Nigerians Students in Europe (ANSE).

The Association of Nigerian Students in Europe, an umbrella organization of Nigerian students studying in Europe and Turkey, announced on Wednesday that over three million Nigerians are now studying in higher education institutions across Europe.


According to the organization, Nigeria has one of the biggest numbers of international students studying in Europe.


Bashiru Muhammad, President of ANSE, stated these during a news conference in Abuja on Wednesday when discussing the organization’s plan to provide scholarships to 111 Nigerian students.

The situation could be linked to the continual shutdown of public universities in Nigeria as a result of the Academic Staff Union of University’s strike actions.

Muhammad stated that the scholarship would cover three students from each state of the union, including the Federal Capital Territory, to study in Turkey.

Association of Nigerian Students In Europe

Scholarship Modality

Below are statements made by the ANSE President:

“After appropriate consultation, I would like to announce that ANSE, under my leadership, would begin by awarding three scholarships to each of Nigeria’s 36 states, including the FCT, for students to study in Turkey,” he added.


Just like every scholarship for Nigerians Muhammad said, “These scholarships will be distributed through several education ministries and scholarship boards.”

“A few slots will also be allocated to other stakeholders, with more to follow.” We also want to educate Nigerians who want to study abroad that we will launch a scheme where they can apply for and get these scholarships straight from us.”

According to him, ANSE has been involved in student matters both at home and abroad for many years, offering technical and financial assistance to students.


He went on to say that the ANSE has secured hundreds of scholarship opportunities throughout the years through various partner universities that have supported the organization.


“We are overwhelmed by the generosity of numerous organizations in Europe and beyond, including the United Nations.”

“Nigerians students in Europe have been a key influence in European universities and research institutions.”

“There is little doubt that Nigeria has one of the largest populations of international students studying in Europe, with over three million pupils.”


“As such, we plan to ensure that these critical people are cared for in order for them to reach their full potential and serve as necessary assets for humanity.”

The goal is to give Nigerians who intend to study abroad the privilege to study in Turkey.


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