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5 Very Important Things School Won’t Teach You.

Do you know that there is a huge big gap between going to school and getting educated? Of course, there is!

A school is a place we go to get educated but unfortunately, we only get educated in a specific aspect of life while leaving other aspects in the hands of total gloomy ignorance.

Getting educated is an encompassing activity. Education is the process or act of gaining knowledge, skill, and judgment.

I’m sure you will agree with me that most schools focus on one side of education which is imparting knowledge. And that is terrible. Life goes beyond just knowing something. We also need the skill to go about it and judgment to know when to.

Follow me on this exclusive ride as I expose you to five Very Important Things That No FORMAL EDUCATION SYSTEM will teach you. Above all these five, the fourth and fifth should be taken very seriously.

Let’s get started!


Balance Life


There is so much about life that goes way beyond wearing a nice uniform, sitting in a fancy classroom, and getting out with a brilliant certificate and degree.

So, after that, what then?

Life comes rushing to you like an untamed wind. You feel so much pressure to gain stability in life. Your family, career, health, personal achievement, finance, and several other things crave your attention. You want to have a balanced life where everything runs smoothly.

And I bet you, no school will teach you this. You just have to learn to achieve this balance all by yourself.



Art of making money

Trust me, you have to be financially literate to be able to make and manage money.

 I have never heard of any subject in school that is something like Financial education or money-making and management.

Whether you like it or not, you need money every day of your life. You have bills to pay and I always wonder why Schools neglect this important part of life.

The basic needs of life are accommodation, food, and clothing. There is no way you can have these without having the money to afford them.

I’m sorry dear, but no four walls of an institution will hold a lecture on how to achieve this.



Learning from failure

Failing is not the problem. The actual problem is not learning from that experience and still going to repeat that same thing and end up failing again!

Most times, when people fail at school, they are not taught how to learn from it and avoid failing next time. Instead, they become objects of ridicule either by their schoolmates, teachers, or even both.

It has to take a personal decision to rise above that traumatizing situation and learn from that experience. These experiences are the little building blocks that help you handle failure correctly later on in life.



Defending self

In the face of danger, the Pythagoras theorem or chemical equation or identification of metaphors in sentences that you have learned are useless.

Am I condemning the knowledge of these? Certainly NOT!

But these are not the only knowledge you need to have as humans to scale through the dangers of this life.

Try reciting Mendeleev’s periodic table when in face of danger and see how fast preparations to purchase your coffin will be!

You need to be equipped with at least the basic self-defense tactics to survive such a situation.

Too bad it’s a wicked world we live in, but there’s nothing you can do about that other than to learn this skill and set yourself free from danger.



Why is such an essential factor in life not taught in school?

The basic relationships and networks you form with people are very important factors in becoming successful in life.

Managing your online profile well enough can attract terrific job offers and even the right set of connections you need.

 There are enormous advantages gained from building a network alone! So why shouldn’t the school add this to the curriculum?

You need to learn how to socialize with people and create a positive aura for yourself.

A formal education setting will not teach you any of these mentioned above. You need to go the extra mile and develop these skills. Settling for only what you are being taught in school won’t make you push the bars enough and attain success in life.

Go out of your way and learn!

Good thing the internet is readily available to us to learn whatever we want. So make good use of it.

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We wish you success in life!



  1. Nice.. but American schools teach all these .. it’s just Nigerian schools that are lagging.. these things could be incorporated into our school system.. Nigeria is getting there.

    • I agree with you.
      Hopefully Nigeria will get there.
      But while waiting for that to happen, we have to help ourselves acquire these necessary knowledge on our own.

  2. Nice.. but American schools teach all these .. it’s just Nigerian schools that are lagging.. these things could be incorporated into our school system.. Nigeria is getting there.


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