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A Teenage Fascination Turned Into a Successful Career

This inspiring story is about Jack Sloss a graduate of the University of the West of Scotland (UWS).

Who said your childhood dreams are meaningless and can’t turn out to be the big and successful career you envision? Jack Sloss made it a point of duty to prove this fallacy wrong.

About the Inspiring Scholar- Jack Sloss

Being overly obsessed with bridges and constructions, he took definite steps to bring this childhood obsession and dream into reality. Jack turned his teenage fascination with bridges and buildings into a successful career as a civil engineer.

Jack’s Academic Journey At the University Of West Scotland (UWS)

After completing an HND in Civil Engineering, jack chose UWS to study for his honors degree. He studies at UWS which gives students the opportunity to work and study simultaneously.

Not willing to be left out in the fast-evolving nature of technology, Jack said, “At school, I was always interested in technology, and the computer systems used to model designs and decided to make my career in that sector.”

For over four years, he got a chance to work for 36 weeks within the industry while getting paid. The insights, mentoring, and advice he got from those already working on major projects were invaluable and helped inform his coursework and final year dissertation.

Jack was a brilliant student who won several engineering competitions while studying at UWS.

He is now using the skills he learned to help model and test designs for footbridges, carry out infrastructure inspection work ahead of the installation of new wind farms, and has even helped with the new design work on a new café.

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Jack Sloss’ Work Experience Towards Achieving His Dream

While working for SYSTRA, one of the top transport planning companies in the UK, he said during his coursework, he worked with Glasgow-based JMP consultants. And even when they were taken over by SYSTRA, they kept him on.

Jack said “SYSTRA is putting me through the ICE (Institute of Civil Engineers)) the program, so I can eventually become a chartered engineer”

This means as well as regular site visits and office-based work, jack regularly attends training seminars in London.

From his little obsession with bridges, Jack has successfully set out on a full-blown career in civil engineering. His passion served as fuel to enable him to achieve this.

You can never find fulfillment in pursuing a dream you have no passion for. Look within you, those little things that give you so much joy to do are what you are truly passionate about. And through hard work and dedication, God will help you actualize your dream just like Jack Sloss did!


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