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Apply: 2022 SSA Google Developers Machine Learning Bootcamp

We are pleased to announce the 2022 SSA Google Developers Machine Learning Bootcamp Application. Interested candidates who desire to gain robust knowledge and capacity in Machine Learning can apply for the 2022 Google Developers Machine Learning Bootcamp.

About the 2022 SSA Google Developers Machine Learning Bootcamp

The 2022 SSA Google Developers Machine Learning Bootcamp is a program for people who desire to work as machine learning developers.


The purpose of this program is for participants to learn about machine learning theories and eventually solve engineering challenges in real-world circumstances. We will provide a setting for self-study as well as a variety of possibilities to pique your interest.


Participants who have been pre-screened must complete a deep learning training course, an ML certification, and a hands-on project in four months. Those who finish all of them will be given the opportunity to apply for a full-time job or an intern position at companies that provide machine learning services.


Brief Program Details

Sponsor(s): Google

Eligible Countries: All African Countries

Benefits: Training, Certification, and Job Opportunities

Application Timeline

Application Deadline: 16 July 2022

Announcement of Selected Candidates: 27 July 2022

Commencement of Program: 1 August 2022


Eligibility Requirements

Here are the requirements criteria to be considered for the google developers’ Bootcamp as demanded by google:

☑You must have basic programming experience in Python.

☑ Given this program’s purpose, your personal goal must be to find employment at an IT company or a startup as a full-time worker or intern. If you are just interested in learning about machine learning, this program is not for you.

☑ You must not have previously completed any of the training components offered in this program (Coursera Deep Learning Specialization, TensorFlow certification, GCP Professional Data Engineer certification, and GCP Professional ML Engineer certification).

☑ Your English comprehension skills should be good enough to understand the training components mentioned above as they are conducted in English without an interpretation service.

☑ The whole program will take about 4 months. You must be willing to work hard and learn during this time.

☑ While we will set up online meetings and provide some mentoring to encourage your studies, you have to learn on your own.


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Value of Google Developers BootCamp

1. ML Training: Complete educational training in Machine Learning Theory

Andrew Ng, one of the original members of Google Brain and a co-founder of Coursera, and his colleagues developed a specific deep learning training program. It comprises five courses that include lectures that impart professional information as well as insights and recommendations from industry experts’ experiences.

  • This training component is in English and is a requirement of the program.
  • While you must study on your own to complete this training, we will provide online groups and mentoring opportunities to help with the process.
  • Google will fund the cost associated with this training.
  • Participants completing this training will receive a completion gift.

2. ML Certificates: Complete a machine learning certification

TensorFlow certificates: This certificate can demonstrate your problem-solving abilities in deep learning and machine learning (ML).

GCP Professional Data Engineer credentials examine your abilities to design data processing systems, process architect data, construct systems and operationalize machine learning models, and ensure solution quality.

This certification exam tests your abilities to conceptualize ML challenges, architect solutions, create data preparation and processing systems, develop models, automate and orchestrate pipelines, and monitor, optimize, and manage ML solutions.

  • You must complete at least one of the above certifications.
  • The exams are in English.
  • While you must study on your own to complete your certification, we will provide online groups and mentoring opportunities to help with your preparation.
  • Google will fund the cost of the TensorFlow Certification exam.


3. ML Practice: Participate in Kaggle Competition

Kaggle is a competitive platform where data scientists from all over the world can demonstrate their talents and earn prizes and fame. Participating in a Kaggle competition will allow you to see how much you have learnt through the Deep Learning Specialization and ML certification by seeing real or close-to-real instances.

  • All communications on Kaggle will be in English.
  • While you must take the initiative to find members and decide on the data and theme for your project, we will provide some mentorship with general guidance.
  • Participants completing this training will receive a completion gift.

4. ML Network: Make connections with ML companies and apply for employment

Gebeya, the preeminent Pan-African talent marketplace, will provide virtual Tech Talk, Career Talk, and Meet Up meetings with tech businesses searching for ML developers, allowing you to get insights from real-life examples as you prepare for a career as an ML developer.

  • Tech Talk: Participating companies introduce their technology and share what it’s like to work as developers. You will get to hear from current practitioners about their workplace and find out more about the companies you’ll apply for.
  • Career Talk/Resume Clinic: One of the common challenges of looking for a new job is creating an impressive work portfolio. Experts in the field will explain and give advice on how to build your long-term career and how to manifest that in your resume instead of merely listing qualifications acquired over a short time.
  • Meetup: You will get to meet and communicate with experts from the training component, specialized ML developers, and other participants of the program, finding answers and inspirations about the field.


How to Apply

Interested candidates are to simply click on the “apply button” to begin their application.

Apply Here



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