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Erasmus Mundus Scholar Explored Four Countries During His Master’s Degree Program

Achievers’ Diary of Erasmus Mundus Scholar

Do you know that in pursuit of your education, you can get the opportunity to explore several countries that you never could have thought of exploring in that space of time? That intelligent brain of yours could be the ‘visa’ that will enable you to visit several countries on different continents in the world.

You doubt that, right? Okay, just sit back and absorb all the words put together here which are of course excerpts from my interview with this amazing scholar because this post right here is my proof to you.

Our inspiring scholar on today’s edition of Achiever’s Diary is Mr. Rafiu Oyelakin.

His Childhood Story

Mr. Oyelakin is proudly a Nigerian who hails from Odeomu in Osun State. He acquired his primary and secondary education in Odeomu. He was brought up in a polygamous home. As a child, he always dreamed of becoming an engineer. Mr. Oyelakin has an intense liking for dissecting global issues around the world. He also likes volunteering and cooking. And on the other hand, he dislikes oppression and every other form of inhuman treatment.

Undergraduate Life

Mr. Oyelakin is an erudite and selfless scholar. Being a student of the prestigious Federal University of Technology Minna, he showcased service to humanity by sacrificing his time to organize and teach tutorial classes from his 100 level all through to his 500 level. He was an active participant in the Student Union Government of this school and also an active participant in the Muslim Student Society of Nigeria (MSSN) activities. He was also a member of an electoral committee. All these are indications that Mr. Oyelakin was a highly passionate game changer who never gave up the opportunity to be in the position to achieve this.

Regardless of the numerous activities, he engaged in at school, he was able to maintain a balanced life and graduated from the faculty of engineering with an impressive CGPA of 4.63. This is a first-class degree!

When asked how he was able to attain such success, he said his background was his passion and drive for success.

How He Got His Master’s Scholarship

Mr. Oyelakin is an exceptional scholar, who was able to visit a total number of four countries namely; Germany, Netherlands, Spain, and Slovenia just the pursuit of his master’s degree. He was offered a scholarship for Rasmus Mundus’s joint Master’s degree in flood risk management.

When asked how he went about the scholarship/admission processes, he explained that he submitted his application at Alongside the requested application documents were; a motivation letter, reference letters, curriculum vitae, academic transcript, and other relevant documents.

His inspiration to go the extra mile in the pursuit of his education was based on his passion to excel as a civil engineer. And he is still very much interested in going further with his research.

In a single sentence, he described his overall academic life as one full of learning, unlearning, and relearning.

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Community Impact

At the moment, he has a startup that employs people in engineering. This, therefore, helps to reduce the number of unemployed population in the country. He also volunteers to train people and help them make their application for graduate school look appealing and professional. This is indeed an example of a person giving back to his community through humanitarian services. And as a community of scholars, we are proud of you Mr. Rafiu Oyelakin.

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Advice to Aspiring Scholars

His advice to those who want to achieve what he has achieved and even more than he has is for them to remain hardworking, persistent, consistent, and prayerful. And also continue to invest in yourself and help others.

Just like our inspiring scholar, you too can achieve the same feet and achieve more. Stick with us on this website as we bring various academic opportunities and scholarships to your disposal which will also help you travel to different countries to broaden your perspective in your field of study.


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