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Germany Scholarship: DAAD MIPLC Scholarships for Students from Developing Countries (2023/2024)

Germany Fully Funded Scholarship: The application is open for the 2023/2024 DAAD MIPLC Scholarships for Students from Developing Countries. Suitable and qualified candidates are invited to apply for this scholarship to study in Germany.

This DAAD MIPLC scholarship is an opportunity for well-deserved students who have the passion and zeal to further their academic careers abroad.

About Germany About the DAAD MIPLC Scholarships

MIPLC is an abbreviation for Munich Intellectual Property Law Center.

The 2023 MIPLC DAAD Scholarships in Germany are now available to all international candidates who wish to further their education abroad. Applications for Fully Funded Scholarships for Postgraduate Degree Programs are being accepted from all over the world.

MIPLC includes not only attorneys but also students from various backgrounds. To study IP law, students should be interested in natural sciences, personalities, or engineering. IP issues exist in every field, including law, science, technology, business, and the arts. The DAAD provides fully funded bursaries to developing countries so that they can pursue their European IP degree while also becoming members of the legal community at the Munich Intellectual Property Law Center.

Brief Scholarship Details

Sponsor(s): DAAD MIPLC

Host Country: Germany

Academic Level: Masters and Postgraduate

Award Value: Fully Funded and 850 Euros Monthly Stipend

Application Deadline: 15 October 2022

Full Scholarship Benefits

Below is a list of full benefits for the 2023 DAAD MIPLC Scholarship

  • The scholarship gives the full tuition fee at MIPLC.
  • A monthly stipend of EUR 850.
  • While living in Germany, students will receive health, accident, and credit insurance.
  • In the event that students do not receive travel money from their home country or from any other grant, DAAD will cover travel expenses for students.
  • Students will receive additional scholarships and tuition fees.
  • Students will complete a compulsory course in the German language for free.

Eligibility Requirement for the DAAD MIPLC Scholarship Application

To be considered eligible for the DAAD MIPLC Scholarship, Candidates must meet the following criteria mentioned below:

  • The candidates must belong to a developing country.
  • Applicants must not have lived in their home country for more than two years.
  • The applicant must have a bachelor’s degree.
  • In the event of a bachelor’s degree of 3 years, he must have another one-year degree to complete the required hours of credit for a 4-year bachelor’s degree, or technical knowledge may be converted as the hours of credit.
  • Applicant’s qualifications must not be completed more than six years before the application date.

  • Applicants must have two years of technical experience in their respective fields.
  • Students who do not have their bachelor’s degree in law-related fields may apply, however, they must state the reason for the IPLLM residency in their personal letter.
  • The student must also complete the MIPLC admission process other than the eligibility process for the DAAD Scholarship program.
  • The applicants must have English proficiency.

List of Subjects/Academic Fields offered by MIPLC DAAD Scholarships:

  • Protection of Biotechnological Inventions;
  • Pharmaceuticals and IP
  • Competition Law in Emerging Markets
  • U.S. Copyright Law
  • Introduction to Competition Law
  • U.S. Patent Law
  • Copyright and Computer Programs
  • Theoretical and Economic Foundations of IP
  • Introduction to Legal Systems
  • Introduction to IP

  • Legal Research and Writing
  • Competition Law in Practice
  • IP and Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Introduction to Economics
  • Protection of Geographical Indications
  • Patent Licensing
  • International IP Law;
  • IP in Global Legal Orders
  • Introduction to Technology and Innovation Management
  • European, the U.S., and International Design Law
  • Intangible Assets Valuation

  • Asian Patent Laws
  • European and U.S. Competition Law
  • Advanced Topics in IP
  • Big Data and the Law
  • Trademark Law in Practice
  • European Copyright Law;
  • IP and Indigenous Heritage
  • European Law
  • Software Patents;
  • Oral Advocacy

  • Unfair Competition;
  • Privacy, Publicity, and Personality
  • Patent Law in Practice
  • International Information Privacy Law
  • IP and the Creative Industries
  • Innovation Policy
  • Jurisdiction and Conflict of Laws
  • Internet Law

Required Documents

Below are the documents required for the DAAD scholarship application:

  • Detailed CV
  • A letter of recommendation has been signed
  • Diploma/degree certificate
  • Transcript (and rating)
  • Certificate of school leaving
  • Grade conversion sheet
  • Evidence of professional experience
  • English Language test
  • Application fee and proof of payment
  • Photos
  • A signed financial aid application form.
  • A signed statement on the basis of the economy.
  • Supporting documents.
  • A signed DAAD application form.


How to Apply for the 2023 DAAD MIPLC Scholarship

Kindly read the full instructions below and follow the guide to help you apply rightly:

  • Please download the DAAD program brochure 2022/23 and read the information carefully.
  • Determine whether you are eligible to apply by DAAD and MIPLC standards, keeping in mind that where MIPLC and DAAD have differing requirements, stricter standards prevail.
  • Apply for admission to the MIPLC (please refer to the How to Apply page).
  • When you come to the end of the online application form, check “I would like to apply for the DAAD scholarship” and complete the MIPLC Financial Assistance Application Form that opens automatically (please refer to the Financial Assistance Application Instructions).

  • Print the forms and add all required documentation, as per the instructions provided.
  • Download and complete the DAAD Scholarship Application Form and add the other documents required by the DAAD (please refer to the DAAD brochure; NB: the MIPLC does not require a research proposal). You only have to submit one copy of each document, even if a document, e.g. your CV, is required by both MIPLC and DAAD.
  • Make sure that your file is complete, including all three application forms
    (the MIPLC application form for admission; the MIPLC application form for financial assistance, and the DAAD application form for the scholarship)
    and all the required documents. Otherwise, your application cannot be processed. Please note that we only need the original application package, no additional copies.
  • Make copies of all application documents. If you are awarded the scholarship, you will have to upload electronic copies of these documents to the DAAD’s system.
  • Send your application: Please submit your application directly to the MIPLC, unless you are from Cameroon, in which case you must submit your application through the German Embassy in your country. Your complete file must reach the MIPLC by October 15 of the year preceding the program’s start.


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