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How a Nigerian Student Won Over a Million Naira From Scholarships

The dream of every Nigerian student asides from graduating with good grades is to be at the top with a handful of scholarships. MyscholarshipNG Achievers diary brings to you the story of a multi-scholarship awardee, Josephine Adah, a final year student of Civil Engineering from the University of Nigeria Nsukka who has to her name different strata of scholarship awards.

Josephine is a scholar who has benefited immensely from diverse scholarships in Nigeria. She doesn’t let any opportunity go by without her giving it a trial.
One would wonder if she had all of these opportunities at the tip of her fingertips–whereas she started as a regular 100-level student.

How She Got Her First Scholarship

On one of those days when activities in school were less, she stumbled upon her first entry sponsored by NNPC/TOTAL posted on the school’s notice board. Initially, she was skeptical as to how authentic the news was given to the ratio of fake information flying around, but after consulting with senior colleagues in the department, they confirmed its authenticity and encouraged her to apply.

Upon taking their advice, she veered into it and discovered the application process was as easy as the criteria were based on how good your Jamb and WAEC result was.
Subsequently, she became friends with the cafe guys close to her school who hinted to her about more scholarship openings.

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List of Scholarships She Benefits From

The aforementioned stage paved way for her into accessing other scholarship programs which include NNPC/Total, Agbami, SPDC, NHEF, and some others.
According to Josephine Adah, she makes almost a million naira from all the scholarships annually. She said, “I can’t even remember the names of some scholarships I benefit from, I just know them whenever I see alerts”.

Josephine represents a perfect example of what success backed with hard work represents. Not just hard work but she had the zeal to always try out opportunities.
Currently, Josephine is undergoing an Internship Program at COSTECH, she’s a product manager at AIESEC and also undergoing training on Tech Careers at Udacity and ALC.

Dare to take advantage of every single opportunity just like Josephine.

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