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Meet a Mastercard Foundation Scholar Who Broke Record in the Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh

Engr. Ayobami Esther
Engr. Ayobami Esther in a Photograph with the President of Nigeria

Achievers’ Diary: Engr. Ayobami Esther Olanrewaju The Mastercard Foundation Scholar

Does the word “impossible” still exist in vocabulary?  “Impossible” is not just a word used to describe the acknowledgment of your limitations but an attestation of the fact that you have successfully given failure a long and warm embrace.

In today’s edition of achievers’ diary, we present to you an erudite scholar in the person of Engr. Ayobami Esther Olanrewaju (Ph.D. Student) who despite all odds and challenges achieved academic success. Her academic story is one that is very intimidating yet motivating. Proving all factors wrong and excelling in a male-dominated field adds a feather to her academic hat. Her academic journey from undergraduate to Master’s study is not only intriguing but successful.



About Engr. Ayobami Esther Olanrewaju

Engr. Ayobami Esther Olanrewaju popularly known as Mrs. AY is the first child amongst 4 children in a family of 6. She gained admission in the year 2013 into the Computer Engineering department of the Federal University of Technology Minna. She came with the mindset of doing her very best and aimed for the highest feat possible.

When asked why she chose Computer Engineering as a course of study, she didn’t hesitate to let us know that she had always had a passion for computing and that led to every of her educational decision.


Despite being a male-dominated field of study, she never relented in her efforts. She put in her very best and in her first year bagged a very impressive CGPA of 5.00 earning her a first-class. Without flagging off her zeal through the five years of undergraduate study, she graduated as the Overall best student, at the Federal University of Technology Minna.

When asked what principles and strategies she employed in achieving her academic excellence, she mentioned that her key principles are; doing her very best, giving her best, praying, and aiming high. To sum it all up she summarized them as dedication, determination, resilience and never giving up.

She spent no specific hours reading daily. Rather, she read until she understood the particular topic.



Challenges Mrs. AY Encountered.

Like every other student, Mrs. AY also was confronted with quite a number of challenges.

Ranging from: Understanding abstract concepts, and balancing school with external knowledge to networking.

She overcame these by reading extra harder, consulting with friends, and living one day at a time.


Extracurricular Activities engaged In

She was in four units in church, interestingly, she also participated in politics, and read motivational books. She also noted that she never took her leisure time for granted and consistently saw all the episodes of her favorite series, music, and watched movies. Indeed, all work and no play make Jack a dull boy.


Skills acquired


She acquired communication, leadership, problem-solving, and people skills.

Undergraduate scholarship and Awards Wons

Engr. Ayobami Esther Olanrewaju was a scholarship beneficiary in her undergraduate program. She won several scholarships from 100Level to her 500Level, including Professor Anyanwu’s award for the best engineering student.

As an erudite scholar, she won the following awards in her convocation ceremony; the best female student in engineering, the best engineering student, and overall best graduating student 2018/2019.

Commenting on her success and how it is not impossible for others to achieve, she cited, “anyone can succeed so far as the mind is made up about it, follow your passion, and have God by your side.”


Engr. Ayobami Esther Olanrewaju Postgraduate Achievements

Engr. AY
Engr. AY Bagged Award of Excellence in the Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh

Mrs. A Y won a Mastercard foundation scholarship to pursue a Master’s degree program at Carnegie Mellon University in the Pittsburgh United States. She did her master’s in Information Technology where she gained broad capacity in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.


She bagged this scholarship by applying to CMU-Africa, got admitted, and sat for IELTS and GRE. And also took some technical tests and wrote essays.

During her Master’s program at Carnegie Mellon University, her leadership ability gained her the privilege to hold key leadership positions. She served as the President of the Women in Tech Club, was also an active member of Women in Africa, and was also the International Student Affairs Minister during her Masters program.

In comparison, she stated that the Nigerian education system is a teacher-centered model of instruction (you receive instruction from lecturers and write exams based on that).

While abroad, the system is learner-centered (you and the instructors learn from each other, participation is compulsory).


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Challenges Faced

Mrs. A Y admitted that adjusting to a new environment, and balancing school and marriage posed challenges to her.

She is currently married with a son.


The Record Made by Engr. Ayobami Esther at Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh

Learning over grades and giving the best results was her success secret and principle. Striving with resilience and determination, Mrs. AY did break a record at Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh with her outstanding academic performance in her Master’s program in the United States.



Mrs. AY Dual Scholarship Award

Engr Ayobami Esther
Engr. Ayobami Esther in Rwanda

She won immediately won a student excellence award (CMU-Africa Lakshmi Subramanian CMU-Africa student excellence award (MSIT)).

This award is given to students who best inspire their fellow students to love learning through a combination of intellect, high scholarly achievement, engagement with the CMU-Africa community, and character.



Contribution to the Society

The lifestyle and success of Engr. Ayobami Esther is not just inspiring but worth emulating. It is the desire of every young and passionate individual.

She currently gives back the skill she has by teaching young students and serving as a mentor.


She already has plans to acquire a doctorate degree (Ph.D.) with the aim of gaining more skills in health care to improve Africa’s health system.

She won a dual Ph.D. Scholarship between the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom and the University of Melbourne in Australia on a Health-Related program.


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