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Meet the Nigerian Undergraduate who Left His School on a Fully Funded Scholarship Abroad

Brought to you by MyscholarshipNG Achiever’s Diary is the Nigerian Undergraduate, named Idoko Jacob who Left His School on a Fully Funded Scholarship Abroad.

“I was awarded a fully-funded scholarship to study abroad.” 

About Idoko Jacob

Idoko Jacob, a native of Benue State, Nigeria, was awarded a Bilateral Education Agreement (BEA) scholarship to study Information Science and Computer Engineering at Kazan National Research Technological University, Kazan, Russia. 

The 22-year-old student in his first year studying Computer Engineering in the prestigious Futminna was offered a 4-year fully funded scholarship and was admitted in 2018 to study in Russia alongside other beneficiaries. The breakthrough came for him when he heard about the opportunity from a friend and decided to try it. 

Idoko Jacob, who has always been a ‘computer guy from the start’ mentioned in his interview with that he was in doubt because of the conventional idea that scholarships are awarded based on connections, favoritism, and luck and so didn’t take the examination very seriously and only prepared a few days to it. 

How He Won The Scholarship

Jacob had applied for many scholarships before and thought this was just another one. Reality dawned on him when he was invited for an interview by the Russians in The Federal Scholarship Board.  He began preparation in earnest and even learned common greetings and conversations in the Russian language. 

In his interview with us, he mentioned that he didn’t expect to be called back as he did not perform very well in the interview. He said, “After the interview, I was angry with myself because I couldn’t attempt the basic mathematics questions thrown at me just because I was tense.” So it was a bit of a surprise to him when he was shortlisted for the scholarship. 

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Advice for Aspiring Persons

He advises anyone who has plans to apply for scholarships not to exercise fear or talk down on their intelligence. He also advises shortlisted applicants to be appropriately dressed, very prepared, and always maintain composure. 

He attributes his success to God and his preparedness at all stages of his life. He believes, “If you see something and want to apply for it, the worst thing that can happen is you get a no.” 

Jacob enjoys playing video games in his spare time and imagines traveling the world. 

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