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My NYSC Experience by Corper Mohammed Hasiyat

Mohammed Hasiyat Ahuoyiza NYSC Experience

Mohammed Hasiyat, a native of Lokoja, Kogi State of Origin shared her NYSC experience with MyscholarshipNg.

Hasiyat is a graduate of the Federal University of Technology Minna. Her favorite quote is, “What is worth doing is worth doing well”. She loves reading and chatting.

Corper Aseeya
Corper Hasiyat at NYSC Camp

Her NYSC Experience

Here is her experience in her writings….

It was a whole lot of emotions mixed together…fun tiring stressful exposing and educative…


The Orientation Camp was really fun, meeting different individuals from different cultural backgrounds and learning one or two about them. But the lack of sleep mehn… I feel sick even though I barely participated in the parade, don’t call me lazy.

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Corper Hasiyat and Other NYSC Members

CDS and PPA Experience

The CDS and Clearance wahala, lol, any CM can relate, “under the sun and in the rain” is not just an anthem, we experienced it first-hand.

My PPA was Raw Material Research and Development Council.

PPA no Office was educative, and exposing and gave us the feeling of what it feels like to be an actual civil servant or whatever area you served.

In all, I’m grateful for the experience and looking forward to what comes next

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