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Reasons Why People Miss out on Scholarship Opportunities

Reasons Why People Miss out  on Scholarships

A whole number of scholarships are being advertised almost every single day, yet only a few benefit from these opportunities. Below are major reasons why many persons miss scholarship opportunities.

1.  Information

Poor Info

The information they say is power. One major reason many persons do not benefit from many of these opportunities is poor access to information. Many persons you are doing better than are already beneficiaries of one or more abroad scholarships, some persons even turn down one scholarship offer for another, yet many don’t even have access to one.

I was the best graduating student at one of the renowned high schools in the world. After my graduation, I was busy struggling to get admission to study Engineering at the University.

While I was busy with admission processing, numerous scholarships were ongoing but I was never aware. I only got to know about this when I saw a classmate of mine arrive in the UK to study Law at one of the best Universities in the United Kingdom.

I was so amazed and happy, out of curiosity I asked my friend, “Bro, your dad did sponsor you to study in the United Kingdom?” He replied, “No bro! I got a scholarship to study abroad”. This was how the lack of information kept me behind the scene.

2. Doubt


When it comes to scholarship, one question I always hear people ask is, “Bro, is this real?”. Many persons have chosen to be doubting Thomas when it comes to scholarship. They feel like it’s too good to be real. Some are like, “you mean I will travel abroad for studies without paying a dine?” Oh yes, you will.

Some scholarships don’t just fund your travels and tuition fee expenses, there also pay you monthly stipends to sustain you financially in the course of your studies.

3. Application Errors

Application error

Application error is another major factor that makes a lot of people miss out on scholarship opportunities. A misarrangement of your names may deprive you of being selected for a scholarship award. An error in your contact details will automatically deprive you of getting a scholarship even if you were to be shortlisted.

Considerations When Applying for Scholarships

Before applying for a scholarship you must ask you must ensure you read the instructions provided for the application judiciously. You must consider the following when applying for a scholarship:

  • What are the requirements for the scholarship?
  • Am I eligible to apply?
  • Do I have the required documents for the application?

After you must have been sure about the above three considerations, you can then go ahead with the scholarship application.

While applying, ensure you have your documents scanned for uploads. Fill in the provided forms carefully with accurate details. Ensure you make use of a working phone number and also an active email address that looks similar to your name for the application.

You must also take note of the category you are applying for in cases where the scholarship has more than one category with different eligibility requirements.

Note: When applying for a scholarship, ensure you have good network service. It is advisable to use a computer system when applying in most cases.

Use a recent passport photograph when making your application.

Above all, always try as much as possible to register early enough when the scholarship application is open!

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4. Poor Preparation

It is one thing to apply for a scholarship, it is another thing to prepare for the scholarship’s interview and aptitude tests. Having a good and excellent performance in scholarship interviews and aptitude tests gives you a 60% chance of being successful at that particular scholarship. But a poor performance will automatically disqualify you from being selected for the scholarship We will provide you with necessary tips on how to prepare effectively for scholarship interviews and aptitude tests.

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