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Tips and Guides for a Successful SEPLAT Scholarship Exam

Tips for a Successful SEPLAT Scholarship Exams

Were you shortlisted for the SEPLAT scholarship exams? If yes, congratulations. It interests us to provide you with the best tips for successful SEPLAT exams. This is because we desire to see you succeed and be among the successful awardees at the end.

Below are Some Tips for You

  1. Be Prepared Physically and Mentally

Don’t be in a haste to take the exam or under pressure. You have 2 weeks from the day of your shortlisting. Schedule a date and a fine location void of Distractions.

Therefore, ensure you are physically well, comfortable, and mentally stable.

  1. Have Enough Data

Don’t do 1GB Sub and hope that it will take you through. Ensure you have enough data

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  1. Have Strong Network

Once your time starts counting it doesn’t matter if your network is slow or fast.

It counts regardless. The slower your connection the less time you have.

Search out a Place with a Strong Network

  1. Lookout for Past Questions

Seplat Questions are not conventional Maths, English, and Logic Reasoning. It is more like “Who wants to be a Millionaire”


Questions can come from any sphere of life.

Simple, Tricky, and Complex. It also includes Maths and English so have a Calculator by your side.

  1. Read your Instructions Carefully

Please read your instructions at least 3 times and ensure you comprehend everything before you start.

  1. Start, Hit Hard, and Have a Seamless Examination

Anything that will disrupt the flow should be attended to before starting. It is advisable to finish it in one sitting.


  1. Submit Before Time Elapses

This is the most important rule for me.

Don’t let the time elapse on you.


Written By: Onahi Godman (SEPLAT AWARDEE)

Good luck to you… See you at the top. Congratulations!!!


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