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Young Lady Acquires Two Master’s Degrees in Aerospace Engineering Just To Prove a Point!

What is your definition of success?

Cynthia Okoro Success Story: Is it to get excellent grades in your study course or to be able to prove over and again that you can always get excellent grades in that course?


Well for this lady, Cynthia Okoro, hers is the latter.

This young lady made a “mockery” of a master’s degree by bagging it twice to prove that she was more than capable.


More like if she did it before, she can do it again!

Before I divulge this story, I would like to know in the comment section, do you consider this as a risky venture? Or just like her, if you have the opportunity to do so, will you hop on it?

Considering the field of study in question which is majorly dominated by the male gender, I would rather say that this is an act of bravery.


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Her Academic Journey

As a brilliant young lady, Cynthia Okoro made sure she left no stone unturned to prove to the world that she is tenacious and capable of achieving academic excellence in aerospace engineering.

Cynthia Okoro earned distinction in both master’s degrees from the prestigious university of Huddersfield located in Huddersfield, England.

She took to the social media platform- Twitter to celebrate her exceptional academic achievement.


She stated on Twitter that she enrolled for her master’s degree twice so that they have no doubts about her distinctions.

Her master’s degrees in Engineering control systems and instrumentation were literally adorned with A’s.

In the image she shared, she revealed the result of the first master’s degree to be a distinction, having scored an A in all her courses.


The second master’s degree was more exceptional than the first still scoring A’s.

“M.Sc. Engineering Control Systems and Instrumentation (with Distinction). Did it twice so they have no doubts”, she wrote.

This is an interesting escapade!

If you haven’t done so, do not forget to let me know if you would like to try this out too.



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