Privacy Policy

This content contains the privacy policy of MyscholarshipNG.

It is of concern to us and also our responsibility to ensure the security and safety of every user and visitor of this website.
Our privacy policy is briefly outlined below stating the types of personal information received by this website and how it is being used.

Your Information We Collect

We collect only your email and messages when you contact us via our website contact form or email. We do not have access to your computer or mobile data, as such you are safe while surfing MyscholarshipNG

Google Analytics

While visitors access MyscholarshipNG, we make use of google analytics to get information about the visitors’ geographical location, the device being in accessing the website, public links being accessed by the user, and the duration of time spent on the website This is done with the sole aim to render better performance, content and user experience to the visitors.

This website also contains external links to third-party websites. This is because we refer to certain websites that may contain useful and reliable information for our community as well.

NOTE: Every content on this site is created by our authors after thorough research. We only publish validly and authenticated information.