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ASUU to Finally Call Off 4 Months Strike

ASUU has finally started making plans to call off the strike two weeks from now.

The ongoing strike which started on the 14th of February 2022 is finally coming to an end. The striking Academic Union has stood on its ground vehemently since 2009 till date over the 2009 agreement signed between the Federal Government of Nigeria and ASUU.

The unions embarked on industrial actions while demanding improved welfare packages, better working conditions, and the implementation of various labor agreements signed with the Federal Government between 2009 till 2020.

The record has it that, ASUU has embarked on strike 16 times in 23 years. This has indeed been a loophole in the Nigerian public tertiary education system. Students spend at least 5years in school for 4 years course, 7years for 5years course and so on. This has affected a lot of students because it deprived many of opportunities due to the age limit. Some students can’t make it to NYSC due to the age barrier.

Who is to be blamed? Is it the Government that fails to meet up with ASUU demands? Or ASUU who sees the strike as the only language the government can understand?

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Major ASUU Demands

  1. Funding for the revitalization of tertiary institutions
  2. Payment of outstanding earned academic allowances (EAA)
  3. Renegotiation of 2009 agreements
  4. Review of NUC 2004 Act to tackle the proliferation of universities
  5. 26 percent budgetary allocation to the education sector
  6. Implementation of the University Transparency and Accountability Solution (UTAS).
  7. Constitution of visitation panels
  8. Withheld salaries and non-remittance of check-off dues of unions
  9. Salary shortfall

ASUU to Call of Strike

The striking body is finally making plans to call off the strike. This information was gotten from a reliable source who made it known that the ASUU Chairman in the person of Prof. Emmanuel Osedeke told the senior lectures that “the Federal Government has made an offer we cannot resist”. A Series of meetings are currently ongoing.

It is the tradition of ASUU to hold a national convention by the ASUU NEC to make the final decision. This is also backed up by elections carried out in various ASUU chapters whether to call off or continue with the strike.

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