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Helpful Tips to Help You Secure MTN Scholarship: Selection Modality and Application Guideline

Overview of MTN Scholarship

This article provides helpful tips to secure the MTN Foundation Scholarship. The MTNF Scholarship scheme is a fully sponsored financial scholarship program by the MTN Foundation. It is part of their CSR duties, aimed at honoring and supporting exceptional students in Nigerian universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education. The MTN Foundation scholarship consists of three categories: the MTNF Science and Technology Scholarship, the MTN Scholarship for the Blind, and the top 10 UTME scholarships category.

I am pleased to share helpful tips that helped me secure the 2019 MTNF Science and Technology Scholarship, and I trust they will work successfully for you as well in securing the 2023 MTN Foundation Scholarship Scheme. Before we proceed, let’s understand the objectives of the MTN Foundation scholarship scheme, which will guide us in writing the application essay. Additionally, I will explain why the MTN Scholarship is considered the best in Nigeria.

Objectives of the MTN Scholarship Scheme

MTN Scholarships, a part of MTN’s Youth Development Cause, provides an annual platform to recognize and reward dedicated, high-performing students across Nigerian public tertiary institutions. This scholarship aims to reduce the financial burden on students, help them excel academically by meeting their financial demands, prevent dropouts due to lack of school fees, and empower Nigerian students.

Why MTN Foundation Scholarship is the Best

The MTN Foundation scholarship is one of the best opportunities for Nigerian students because it offers employment security, unlike other scholarship foundations that only provide annual stipends. Pay attention to the keyword here: “Employment Security.” MTNF scholarship sponsors MTN scholars with lucrative and high-ranking tech certification courses free of charge on an annual basis. These courses are worth hundreds of dollars or more and are designed to equip MTN scholars with the skills needed to secure a job upon graduation, making the awardees highly employable. Before we discuss the selection modality, let’s review the stages in the MTN scholarship scheme.

Stages in MTN Foundation Scholarship

The MTN Foundation Science and Technology scholarships consist of the following stages in the selection process:

  1. The Application Stage
  2. The Screening Phase
  3. The Aptitude Test Stage
  4. The Award Ceremony Stage

Application Stage: Application Guidelines for the MTN Foundation Scholarship Schemes

The application stage is a crucial phase in the MTN Foundation selection process, as it is where the primary screening begins. Here are important guidelines to note for the MTN scholarship schemes:

  1. Carefully read the provided application instructions.
  2. Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria before applying.
  3. Fill out the application form accurately with the requested information.
  4. Provide all the required details.
  5. Review your entered details before submission to ensure accuracy.

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How to Write the MTN Scholarship Essay

After the MTN scholarship application phase, applicants who pass the initial screening will be eligible for the next phase, which is the Essay Writing stage. The quality of your essay determines your chances of progressing to the next stage, the aptitude test phase. Here are helpful tips to guide you in writing a substantial essay for the MTNF scholarship process:

  1. The first line of your essay should reflect the topic’s context. Your opening line and paragraph carry significant weight and determine whether the judges will continue reading your essay or dismiss it.
  2. Identify key ideas to support your essay and write them down.
  3. Dedicate at least four lines per paragraph to each idea.
  4. Conclude your essay logically, referring back to the topic’s context.
  5. After writing, use AI tools to check for and correct any grammatical errors.
  6. Note: Avoid plagiarism or copying essay content from online sources.

Selection Modality

The selection modality for the MTN Foundation scholarship is strictly based on merit. MTN Foundation shortlists three hundred students from institutions across Nigeria. The selection process at each stage is carried out through the evaluation of submitted applications. Having a first-class degree does not guarantee the MTN F scholarship, as the minimum requirement is a CGPA of 3.5. However, your performance at each stage gives you an advantage in progressing to the next step. After the exams, successful candidates from the aptitude test stage are shortlisted and invited to the MTN Foundation’s ecstatic award ceremony.

The Aptitude Test Phase

The MTN Foundation aptitude test phase is a crucial requirement for receiving the MTN Foundation Science and Technology Scholarship. If you are selected for this stage, it means you have a 90% chance of being chosen for the MTN Scholarship award. Allow me to guide you through the steps to help you perform your best in the MTN scholarship aptitude test phase.

The MTN scholarship is managed by Scholastica, and as such, all the questions are organized by the Scholastica organization. The exam consists of three sections: Use of English, Mathematics, and Current Affairs or Psychometry. During my time, I am confident that I passed these exams with a score of no less than 90%.

Yes, MTN also shortlists candidates based on their examination scores, the pass mark for selection is 60%. How did I excel in the MTN exams? I never underestimated the importance of studying past questions and keeping up with current affairs. Fortunately, the questions in the exam came from a particular set of past questions that I studied the night before. You can obtain past questions for the MTN Scholarship here.

Award Ceremony Stage

This is the final stage in the MTN Scholarship award process. All candidates who are successful at the MTN scholarship aptitude test are selected for the MTN Foundation Scholarship award and are invited for the award ceremony which is usually two to three weeks after shortlisting of MTN awardees. The ceremony is an ecstatic event with eclectic sessions of orientation, an alumna ceremony, and refreshments.

Please take every piece of information provided here seriously. Feel free to comment and share with friends if you find it helpful. See you at the top!

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