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How a Nigerian Student Graduated With First Class From a Frustrating Nigerian University

Studying at a Nigerian university can be very frustrating. It is a whole lot of work when you aim to graduate with a first-class grade. Even as demanding as it is, it is not impossible to achieve.

In today’s edition of Achievers’ Diary, MyscholarshipNG is elated to let you know how Isu Paul graduated with first-class honors from a frustrating Nigerian university and also as the best graduating student in his faculty (School of Infrastructure, Process Engineering and Technology).


Table of Content

Section 1: About Isu Paul

Section 2: Challenges Faced By Isu Paul

Section 3: Scholarship Awards Won By Isu Paul

Section 4: Number of Hours Isu Paul Spends on Reading

Section 5: Advice to Undergraduates


About Isu Paul

Isu Paul is a scholar per excellent. He hails from the South-Eastern part of Nigeria, Ebonyi state. He was born and brought up in Cross River State.

He got admission into a Nigerian Federal University, the Federal University of Technology Minna in the year 2015 to study Civil Engineering.

He has always wanted to be an exceptional civil engineer in the construction industry. He got admitted into the university with no knowledge about the University grading system. He only got to know what first-class means after his first semester results.

He started with a 4.7 CGPA and graduated as a first-class student with a CGPA of 4.79. 

His academic success never just happened, he actually faced some challenges even as a student.

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Challenges Faced By Isu Paul

Isu Paul further reviewed to MyscholarshipNG some challenges he faced on his undergraduate journey.

He stated that his challenges were always part of the process and there included feeding, accommodation, and provisions.

He mentioned that he did not overcome those challenges but he was able to manage them and there never posed a barrier in his academic journey.

It is also very necessary to engage in other activities aside from academics while in school to enable you to gain balance in other aspects of life apart from academics.

Isu Paul acknowledged that he was involved in sports and religious activities and in fact, this was the most interesting part of his stay in school.


Scholarships Won by Isu Paul

Oh well, he was also a scholarship beneficiary. He won three scholarships while in school. The scholarships won are  Chevron/Agami, Federal Scholarship Board (FSB), and got his last scholarship in his 500-level which was offered by the Vice-Chancellor of his school (Vice-Chancellor’s Merit Award).

In as much as Paul is academically sound, he is also sound skill-wise. He reviewed some of his exceptional skills which are, leadership skill sets, and structural design skill (Manual and Software Designs). He is also a web developer and a full-time entrepreneur.

Isu Paul is currently in his service year and serving as a corp member. 


Number of Hours Isu Paul Spends on Reading

I must confess, Isu Paul is actually unique when it comes to reading. It will surprise you to know that with all these academic breakthroughs, Isu Paul barely read more than 2 hours at a stretch. He said, “Some of us can’t study more than 2 hours at a stretch, and 3 hours a day. I personally noticed this about myself and I made sure I dedicate at most 3 hours a day, 5 times a week to study.” This gave him an edge over himself he added.


Advice to undergraduates.

Here is Isu Paul’s advice to undergraduates.

“Whatever you do, be the best of yourself.

There is time for everything, when it’s time for academics give it to academics, when it’s time for business give it to business, and so on. When it comes to studies know what works for you and adopt it.

He pondered upon the efficacy of learning a skill as an undergraduate.

As a closing remark, he stated “knowing oneself is one step to success”.


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