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Meet a Young Lady Who Sets Record, bags Bachelor’s degree, Masters, and Finally PhD as at 23years Old

Achievers’ Diary of a Young Lady Who Finally Completed PhD. at 23 Years Old

Dr. Musawenkosi Donia Saurombe
Meet Dr. Musawenkosi Donia Saurombe

Brought to you by achievers’ diary today is a Young Lady Who Sets records; bags Bachelor’s degree, Masters, and Finally Ph.D. as at 23years Old.

Musawenkosi Donia Saurombe (PhD.), a remarkable young lady from Zimbabwe, has set the record for being the youngest woman in Africa to earn a Doctorate (PhD.) degree at the age of 23.

Musawenkosi Donia Career

Musawenkosi Saurombe began her university education at the age of 16 and graduated at the age of 19. She then began her honors and Master’s degrees at the ages of 20 and 21, respectively.


Musawenkosi Saurombe began her PhD studies in Industrial and Organizational Psychology at North-West University in South Africa. She received her PhD at the age of 23, breaking the record for the youngest PhD holder in Africa.

Musawenkosi Saurombe revealed that her father had to sell his car in order to fund her education. “My father had to sell his car to get me through my third year of study, as well as the general social challenges that come with being the youngest in my class,” she told News24 Beautiful.

Dr. Musawenkosi Donia’s Motivation for Success

“My responsibility to be good to others motivates me. I am currently working as a post-doctoral researcher and youth activist, ensuring that others can pursue their passions and goals,” she added.

Her Advice for Young People

Saurombe, who now teaches at the University of Johannesburg, encourages young people to be daring and bold in their pursuit of success.


“As young people, it is critical to developing the right character traits; don’t let anyone tell you that you are subpar, under par, or unworthy of having a dream; instead, be daring, bold, and aggressive in your pursuit of success,” she said.

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