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The International Day of Education Celebration (24th January) – Happy Celebration

What is the International Day of Education (IED)

The International Day of Education is a time to celebrate the power of education to transform lives and build a better world.

On this day, we recognize the essential role that education plays in shaping the future of individuals, communities, and nations.

Why Should I Celebrate the International Day of Education IED?

Education is the foundation upon which we build our futures, and it is a fundamental human right.

Reasons you celebrate the International Day of Education (IED), and respect Education:

  • Education is a tool that empowers us to think critically, solve problems, and communicate effectively.
  • It allows us to understand the world around us and to contribute to society in meaningful ways.
  • It gives us the knowledge and skills we need to succeed in a rapidly-evolving global economy.
  • It helps us to adapt to new circumstances and to prepare for the future.
  • It helps us to become responsible and compassionate citizens who are committed to making a positive impact on the world

Overall, in a world that is constantly changing and full of challenges, education is more important than ever. But education is not just about acquiring knowledge and skills; it is also about building character and developing a sense of purpose.

My Personal Story:

Although I don’t do this often, here’s my story on the Impact of Education on my life & why I celebrate this day.

I remember when I was in school, I used to dread going to class and just wanted to be done with it all. But as I got older and started to understand the value of education, my perspective completely changed.

I realized that the things I was learning in school were actually preparing me for my future and helping me to become a more well-rounded and knowledgeable person.

For example, I remember taking a math class that I absolutely hated at the time. But looking back, I can see how much it has helped me in my everyday life. Whether I’m budgeting my finances or figuring out how much paint I need to buy for a home renovation project, those math skills come in handy all the time.

And it’s not just about practical skills like math or science. Education also helps us to develop critical thinking skills and to see the world in new and different ways. It allows us to engage with others and learn about different cultures and perspectives.

So let’s take a moment on this International Day of Education to appreciate all that education has done for us and will continue to do in the future.


It’s a great time to reflect on all of the lessons we have learned throughout our academic journey. Education has the power to shape who we are and how we see the world, and it’s important to take a moment to appreciate all that we have learned.

One lesson that has stuck with me throughout my education is the importance of hard work and perseverance. I have learned that success does not come easily and that it requires dedication and effort. Whether it’s tackling a difficult subject in school or working towards a long-term goal, I have learned that with determination and persistence, I can achieve anything.

Another lesson I have learned is the value of collaboration and teamwork. I have learned that by working together with others, we can accomplish so much more than we could on our own. Whether it’s collaborating on a group project or sharing ideas and perspectives, I have learned that we all have something unique and valuable to contribute.

Finally, I have learned the importance of staying open-minded and being willing to learn from others. I have learned that we can learn from people of all ages and backgrounds and that by being open to new ideas and perspectives, we can expand our understanding of the world.

As we celebrate the International Day of Education, let us reflect on all the lessons we have learned and be grateful for the opportunities that education has given us. Here’s to many more years of learning and growth!

Moving Further…


Today, we get to celebrate the amazing educators that have inspired and influenced us throughout history. And if I had to pick the greatest educator of all time, it would have to be a fictional character named Miss Frizzle.

Miss Frizzle was the wacky and wonderful science teacher at Walkerville Elementary School. She was always full of energy and had a boundless curiosity about the world. But what made Miss Frizzle truly special was her ability to make learning fun and exciting for her students.

One of my favorite memories of Miss Frizzle was when she took our class on a field trip inside the human body. We all climbed aboard the magic school bus and shrunk down to the size of a cell.

Miss Frizzle led us on a tour through the various systems of the body, explaining how everything worked and answering all of our questions.

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But Miss Frizzle’s lessons went beyond just science. She taught us about the importance of teamwork, creativity, and being open-minded. She showed us that there was always something new to learn and that the world was full of endless possibilities.

Miss Frizzle was the kind of teacher that everyone should be lucky enough to have. She sparked our imaginations and instilled in us a love of learning that has stayed with us throughout our lives.

Here’s to all the amazing educators out there, past and present, who make learning such a joy!


As we celebrate the international day of education, we say thank you to all teachers all around the world whose impact has made great men and women.

We say thanks to all academia who tirelessly put in their best in research and contribution to the development of our society.

To all students, we celebrate your efforts in academic pursuit.

To all scholarship bodies, foundations (MasterCard, DAAD, MEXT, Chevening,), and philanthropists who have so much invested in the education system, by supporting students all around to get a quality education with ease, indeed your impacts can never be over-emphasized.

Keep doing great things…

To the disabled who thought it wise to give themselves to education in their discomfort, may God make life easy for you all.

In harmony, we say, Happy International Day of Education…

Best wishes from MyscholarshipNG

Written By: Obilove Joel | MyscholarshipNG Lead Content Creator.


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