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How An App Developer Guaduated as The Best Engineering Student In A Nigerian University

Brought to you by MyscholarshipNG Achiever’s Diary is How An App Developer Graduated as The Best Engineering Student In A Nigerian University. The aim of the MyscholarshipNG Achiever’s Diary is to get you inspired by stories of various achievers around the globe.

I am Undie Ebenezer Unimakpel, a graduate from the department of mechatronics–faculty of electrical and engineering technology from the federal university of Technology Minna.

My journey as an undergraduate student wasn’t an easy one, but I give all my gratitude to God Almighty for seeing me through. Graduating as the Best Engineering student in my degree program, I would say it’s a rewarding birth from my hard work, consistency, dedication, and God’s grace.

Table of Content

How I Started
Challenges I Faced in School

My Driving Force for Excellence
Advice for Young Undergraduates

How I Started

Growing up was very much normal for me with fewer responsibilities as I am the fifth child (last boy) out of the 6 children my parents have.

After completing secondary school, I did what every Nigerian student would do by writing Jamb and it paved way for the adventure life had to offer.

I started off originally as a 100-level student with no prior knowledge of being an app developer or what life in the university looked like. I would say the mindset of being the best at whatever and wherever I found myself propelled me to ace my exams at all levels and eventually come out as the best Engineering graduating student with a CGPA of 4.85 in my department, faculty inclusive.

Challenges I Faced in School

I’ve heard people say I had everything at my beck and call, no hurdles whatsoever, forgetting how stressful the educational system here in Nigeria can be. In the course of study while in school, external factors such as money and light posed as a stumbling block. I remembered how I’d have to come to the lecture hall with my extension and rechargeable lamp. Other times the barbershop was my go-to place to help power my devices. Along the line, my roommate got a generator and that lessened the burden of having to go out.

I still had to battle the phase of poor funds. My parents were beyond stretched as it was not easy catering for a course in mechatronics engineering.

Thankfully I became a benefactor of the SNEPCO Scholarship which eased the burden off my family.

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My Driving Force for Excellence

I’d say it’s mostly personal. I was intentional about my excellence. I always wanted to be the best or among the best where ever I find myself. My family also played a big role in my strive for excellence. Their prayers and encouragement can never be underestimated. Moreso, I was blessed with good friends.

Over time, I’ve come to realize that combining school work and app development has to be the hardest challenge I’ve faced in recent times. Obviously, there were times I wanted to pack my bags and return home, but encouraging words from my parents and friends kept me afloat.

Currently, I am a serving corps member in Ogun state and I build mobile applications.


Advice for Young Undergraduates

Let me start by saying, you don’t have to wait for anyone to motivate you. Be your motivation. You gotta push yourself!

Also, you need to believe in yourself. Have the “I can do it” attitude. Never see academic excellence as something you can’t achieve or something meant for some set of people. You can never achieve excellence if you see it with such a myopic mindset, this is because we are limited by our minds and beliefs.

Try to understand yourself. Know what reading conditions enable you to study effectively and efficiently and ensure you study in those conditions.

Surround yourself with people who support your growth as well as people with a positive mindset. Be very conscious of the kind of company you keep. This plays a big role in anyone’s life.

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Finally, I would advise, students on getting a skill. The future is never promising with schooling and certificate alone. Be good at something, and try to balance your academics and skills. Do not let one suffer.

In all you do, Always Put God First!


Undie Ebenezer Unimakpel


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