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Practical Guides and Tips for a Successful FSB Scholarship Exam – FSB Exam Formats

Guides and Tips for a Successful FSB Scholarship Exam

FSB Scholarship Exam: This article comprises of the Practical Guides and Tips for a Successful FSB Scholarship Exam. Our goal is to ensure you prepare so well that you don’t find the FSB scholarship examination difficult. Oh yes, with poor preparation, the simplest can be as hard as you could ever imagine.

This article is an extract of MyscholarshipNG FSB Scholarship Bootcamp, shared knowledge from FSB awardees and scholars. Kindly pay attention to every bit of information, links to access various resources will be shared in this content.

What Should I Know About FSB Scholarship?

The FSB Scholarship is the Federal Government Scholarship created by the Federal Government of Nigeria to support Eligible students across Nigeria to fund their University Education.

It is a scheme implemented and monitored by the Federal Scholarship Board, widely known as FSB, a Department of the Federal Ministry of Education.

Categories of FSB Scholarship

The FSB Scholarship has 3 major categories which are:

The FSB Scholarship for University and polytechnic students

The FSB BAE Scholarship to Study Abroad

The FSB Scholarship for education students

Award Value and Duration for the FSB Scholarship

The current scholarship worth is ₦250,000 which will be paid every academic session/year until your graduation. Only successful candidates after the examination stage will benefit from the FSB annual stipends.

FSB Scholarship Exam Guides and Formats of FSB Scholarship Exam Questions

Nature of Exam

The FSB Scholarship examination is a CBT exam. As such, it is advised that you get yourself familiarized with the computer system prior to the exams. This shouldn’t be a heck of a challenge as you all must have written CBT exams before now.

What Is Expected of the FSB Scholarship Examination?

Just like every other scholarship exam, you need to employ speed and accuracy. This doesn’t mean you should be in a rush for the examination at all. Be calm, one question at a time.

Start with the ones you know best, FSB would be the simplest exam you’ve written.

Do not panic, or act disturbed. It is a smashable exam, apply every knowledge possible to solve your questions.

If there’s composition, you can leave it as it would take your time and revisit it later. Read the ‘composition question‘ first before reading the composition itself as this would help you locate the answer asap.

FSB Scholarship Exam Formats

Below are the subjects that make up the FSB scholarship exam:

  • English Language
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Analogy

  • Logical Reasoning (Quantitative reasoning)
  • Arithmetics
  • Information Technology
  • Current Affairs

NOTE: Useful links to resources will be made available below

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FSB Scholarship Sample Question Formats

Below are some formats of questions you should practice, also do well to study some mathematical topics in the SS1 Mathematics textbook.

English: Question tag, word and emphatic stress, antonyms & synonyms, spellings, “options which best explains the sentence” for English

Math/Arithmetic: Simple interest, ratio, profit, and loss %, BODMAS, Arithmetic and geometric progressions e.g. (1, 4, 8, _, 19…. Find the missing number)


Current Affairs Sample Questions: When did Nigeria get her independence? Head of States and presidents, important history dates, the full meaning of agencies’ acronyms e.g NAFDAC et al, number of lawmakers in House of Reps and Senate with each state contribution, their speakers, president and deputies, state & tribes with their geopolitical zones, next year’s election details, number of bones in the human body, etc.


Below are the documents to be taken to the examination center:

  1. CBT Venue printout
  2. Clear copy of Jamb/School’s admission letter.

Print your slip for the CBT venue here

Tips to Employ in the Exam Hall

Kindly take note of the following:

Try to understand the nature of your test;

The subjects and number of questions asked

The time given

Availability of an on-screen calculator

Arrangement of your screen

Are your answers changeable?

This would help you approach your test with consciousness and confidence.

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Useful Links and Resources

Download FSB Scholarship Past questions here – Very Important

Follow this link to study some analogy questions

Join our telegram channel here to get more resources

Bootcamp video will be made available on the MyscholarshipNG telegram channel.

Kindly purchase a hard copy of current affairs also, if possible. Kindly drop your comment in the comment box below and share if you find this information useful.


Good luck!!!




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