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Study in Paris: Sciences Po Scholarship for African Secondary School Leavers 2023 (France)

Geneviève McMillan-Reba Stewart Foundation 2023 Emile Boutmy Scholarship

Study in Paris: The Geneviève McMillan-Reba Stewart Foundation in partnership with Sciences Po invites suitable students to apply for the 2023 Emile Boutmy Undergraduate Scholarship for African Secondary School Leavers.

This is a Science Po Scholarship is a scholarship to study in France. I will be interchangeably making use of the Sciences Po scholarship and Emile Boutmy Scholarship, don’t be confused, there are both the same.

The Sciences Scholarship is a fully funded undergraduate scholarship known as the Emile Boutmy Scholarship by Sciences Po University for aspiring and exceptional secondary school graduates who have the passion to undergo their Bachelor’s degree academic program at the prestigious University of Sciences Po, located in the city of Paris in France.

Brief Scholarship Details

Sponsor(s): Sciences Po University

Host Country: France

Academic Program: Undergraduate/Bachelor’s degree

Scholarship Benefits: Full Sponsorship | Monthly Stipends

Academic Qualification: SSCE/WAEC/NECO/High School Certificate

Application Deadline: April 2023

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About the Emile Boutmy scholarship

The Emile Boutmy scholarship, named after Sciences Po’s founder, allows the university to welcome the most talented international students from outside of the European Economic Area. More than 250 students from over 72 countries are awarded the scholarship each year.

Awarded on the basis of academic excellence and in line with the particular profile requirements of each course, the scholarship also takes account of financial need. Students are eligible if they have never previously lived in France, or come from a country outside of the European Economic Area, with 4 non-European fiscal residences.

Full Benefits of Sciences Po’ Emile Boutmy Undergraduate Scholarships

  • Successful students will receive a scholarship covering the full Sciences Po tuition fees every year, for the duration of their undergraduate studies program.
  • As Social criteria are also taken into account, an additional grant may be awarded to cover living expenses.

What is the Worth of the Emile Boutmy Scholarship Annual Stipends?

The sum awarded ranges from €3,000 to €19,000 and is renewed annually (except in the case of students retaking a year).

See How to Apply Here

Eligibility Requirement for the Sciences Po Scholarship

Below requirements to be considered eligible for the Sciences Po’s Emile Boutmy Scholarship:

  • Applicants must be citizens of a sub-Saharan African country
  • Applicants must have completed their high school education in a sub-Saharan African country and
  • Applicants must be accepted to Sciences Po’s undergraduate Europe-Africa program

Documents Required for Application

  • Secondary School Certificate Results. French Baccalaureate exams or Equivalent (SSCE/WAEC/NECO)
  • Academic performance reports for the years of secondary education (high school).
  • Two Written Pieces/Essays (the quality of your writing and critical thinking in the Essay matters a lot)

About the Essay/Written Pieces

The written pieces consist of two exercises:

  • Motivations and project for Sciences Po
  • An essay on one of five proposed themes


Visit here for Comprehensive Guides on How to Write the Sciences Po Written Pieces/Essay

See How to Apply Here

Application Timeline

  • Deadline for the undergraduate program (applicants from foreign/non-French secondary schools): 22nd February 2023.
  • Deadline for the undergraduate program (applicants from French secondary schools): 10th April 2023.

Also Apply: Sterling Apprenticeship Program (SAP) for Secondary School Graduates

Admission Selection and Evaluation Process

Once their application has been evaluated, candidates are awarded three marks out of 20:

  • A mark out of 20 for the results of their Baccalaureate exams or foreign equivalent
  • A mark out of 20 for their academic performance in the years of secondary school, including overall progress
  • A mark out of 20 for the candidate’s essays

The marks awarded for each of the first three evaluations are added to give a mark out of 60. Applicants who have obtained a mark equal to or higher than the minimum mark set by Sciences Po each year will be invited to participate in an interview. This is an opportunity for the institution to meet the applicant.

The total mark for the interview is 20.

The above evaluation process shows how transparent and merit-based Sciences Po University is in the admission and Emile Boutmy scholarship process.

How to Apply

The application for the Emile Boutmy Scholarship is of three stages. Kindly pay attention to each stage and ensure you complete each process. A video guide for the complete application process will be made available soon.

Stage1: Apply to Study at Sciences Po Undergraduate Europe Africa Program via the application page here. Applicants from non-French secondary schools must indicate that they are applying to the Émile Boutmy scholarship in the “Financial information” section of their Sciences Po application.


Stage2: During the two weeks following the student’s application, all candidates must also apply for the Geneviève McMillan-Reba Stewart FoundationScholarship by sending an application to [email protected].

Stage3: This particular stage is only for applicants from French Secondary Schools. Applicants from French secondary schools must contact the Admission Office by completing this form, once their application has been validated on Parcoursup. The applicants must provide proof of income and possibly documents explaining their family situation (e.g., income tax return for both parents, payslips, divorce certificate, unemployment benefits, documents related to alimony, child support or retirement pensions, death certificate…).

NOTE: Application opens mid-November. Do well to begin the application process now so as to submit immediately application commences.

Step by Step Application Video will be made available here soon. Click the Apply Button Below to begin your application.

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